A spotlight on safety

Now that National Safe Work Month has come to a close, the AITC is reflecting on the lessons learned throughout the month of October. 2020 has brought new challenges for workplace health and safety for the AITC, and the world as a whole. The AITC brought in safer practices and procedures, and had to change almost overnight.

The AITC well and truly ‘pulled a rabbit out of a hat’ with Learning From Home, and adapted meetings and office configurations to adhere to social distancing regulations, running Virtual Q&As in July, and Virtual Open Days in September for all five campuses.

This innovation has come alongside the College’s commitment to putting safety first for every staff member and young person in the community. The AITC has a commitment to ensuring the safety of all young people whether they are on campus or out in industry. This includes practices and processes around child safety, mental health and wellbeing, and making safe choices in industry.

For the fourth and final week of National Safe Work Month, the College focussed on industry safety and injury prevention. The College places high importance on ensuring young people are trained in workplace safety when they first enter the College, however, depending on their chosen field, young people must adapt to different workplace standards.

As all workplaces differ and require different safety training and standards, AITC industry consultants visit each workplace prior to organising a work placement. If the workplace does not meet industry standards for safety, AITC young people will not pursue the placement until any issues are rectified.

While safety was at the forefront during National Safe Work Month, the AITC is committed to ensuring safety is our first thought all year around.