Each term, team members spend five to seven weeks engaged in a range of work-based experiences that enhance their learning when they participate in training and employment as an apprentice or trainee. Industry Block is made up of a range of industry-based experiences and an employability skills program. SOme of these activities include:

  • Mentoring/Coaching: Industry Consultants from the AITC work with young people to guide them through the employment process and provide assistance in areas such as resume writing, making phone calls to employers, and interview techniques.
  • Trade Taster: The AITC partners with local organisations to provide the opportunity for young people to sample a range of trades.
  • Pre-Employment Training: Before young people engage in work placement, they engage in a structured training program to learn the basic skills they need to be able to participate safely and productively. This training is at a Certificate I or II level, delivered by a registered training organisation.
  • Work Placements: Our young people engage in a range of work placements to engage them in their industry of choice. These vary in length, give young people real world experience in the workplace, and establish connections that may launch careers.
  • Employability Skills Training: Based upon the Core Skills for Work Framework, this training is embedded within the College’s onsite and offsite program to provide the foundation skills young people need to be successful in the workplace.