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We have a long history with New Hope Cambodia. Every two years, AITC young people, employers and staff use their technical talents to improve the lives of critically poor families in Cambodia by building homes and repairing the New Hope Cambodia school. Since 2013, the AITC community has raised more than $450,000 for travel expenses, donations and projects, including houses, a rice shelter, a Trade Training Centre, completing renovations to the school, and water filtration. Click here to read more about our contributions.

New Hope Cambodia provides free education to children and young people from some of Siem Reap City’s poorest areas. They teach the government’s Khmer curriculum up to Year 6, and teach English, computers and life skills while also providing vocational training in their School House Café. Many students of New Hope come from families living on less than $100 a month.

In mid-March, in direct response to COVID-19, the Cambodian Government announced the suspension of all schools and universities, and international tourism, until further notice. This decision has had a devastating impact on the Siem Reap economy, making some of the area’s poorest students even more vulnerable. Hotels, restaurants, bars, tour guides, tuk tuk drivers, chefs, cleaners, gardeners, supermarkets, markets, clothing and electronic stores, and maintenance services have all been impacted.

The good news is that New Hope has been given approval to re-open the school, although in a limited capacity.

The bad news is that Siem Reap’s most vulnerable remain very vulnerable, and uncertainty and hardship continue.

Will you give up your daily coffee for a week or two?

The pandemic has altered the pace, fabric and nature of our lives but in Australia, we are the lucky ones.

As a College, we have a goal to raise $20,000 by 11 November 2020. We are asking our generous community to give what they can and say “I’m in”.

Special thanks

Wow! Thank you.

Thank you to the AITC families, employees and industry partners for your generosity and support of this incredibly important cause.

We have raised 65% of our goal.

A special thanks goes to BUSY At Work, who kicked off the donations from industry, generously contributing $2,000 to the cause.

 Mark says “I’m in”

Mark Hands, our CEO/Executive Principal speaks to the importance of this campaign.


Dennis says “I’m in”

Dennis Beck, former Chairman of the Board speaks to Cambodia’s crisis.


Lee says “I’m in”

Lee Smith, Deputy Head of Education speaks to his experience in Cambodia.


BUSY says “I’m in”

Sue Loch, General Manager for BUSY At Work speaks to their generous contribution to the campaign.


Natalie says “I’m in”

Natalie Chanter, Industry Education Coordinator at the AITC speaks to her experience in Cambodia.


Mia says “I’m in”

Mia Kingham, College Leader at the AITC – Gold Coast speaks to her experience in Cambodia.


Jasper says “I’m in”

Jasper Abel, young person from the AITC – Gold Coast speaks to his experience in Cambodia.


Leon says “I’m in”

Leon van Niekerk, Industry Education Officer speaks to his experience in Cambodia.


Dave says “I’m in”

David Breeze, Regional Industry Officer (Ipswich/Toowoomba) speaks to his experience in Cambodia.


Marshall says “I’m in”

Marshall Andersen, Personal Development Coach speaks to his experience in Cambodia.


Will says “I’m in”

Will Whitred, young person from the AITC – Gold Coast speaks to his experience in Cambodia.


Jenny says “I’m in”

Jenny Marsden, Student Services Coordinator at the Gold Coast speaks to her experience in Cambodia.


Katie says “I’m in”

Katie Kelly, Customer Experience Officer for the Gold Coast campus speaks to this campaign.


New Hope Cambodia

Learn more about the charity and what they are doing to help their community. Visit the New Hope Cambodia website.


Donate Now

Say “I’m in” and donate now via our fundraising portal. Donations are not tax-deductible. Click here to donate.


Global View

Read about the 2019 International Service Project trip to Cambodia in Blueprint Magazine. View the article here.


About New Hope Cambodia’s COVID Crisis Appeal

It’s about survival.The government has made public school education available through local television stations or via smartphone. Unfortunately, many New Hope Cambodia students do not have access to televisions and digital technologies. To overcome this challenge, New Hope teachers prepare weekly worksheets for their students. It is not a perfect system, but it is better than nothing.And the future isn’t looking brighter for students in Siem Reap. The International Monetary Fund Asia predicts the impending economic crisis will hit Cambodia harder than most other countries in South-East Asia, with 0% growth predicted for Asia in 2020. Other international organisations are predicting extreme hunger and poverty for many Cambodians, with side effects of this likely to be malnutrition and other health issues.

To combat this, New Hope Cambodia has established the COVID Crisis Care Program. This program goes directly towards providing rice and other essentials to help students’ families survive. To discuss your contribution with a member of the fundraising team, please phone 07 5635 0400.