Our promise

We promise to connect young people with opportunities in industry and industry with great young people.

As we look to better connect the world of education with the world of work, it seems only natural to us that business plays a strong part in what we do. That’s why beyond being a school for young people we’re here to help meet the needs of industry too. Here to connect industry with passionate young people, to work in partnership with employers – big and small – and to help develop the young people industry need today, so they can go on to become the people we’ll need in industry tomorrow.

How we deliver on our promise

Building character, confidence and courage

+ Values-driven environment

+ Programs to build character and enhance citizenship

+ Independence, backed by a system of support

+ We inspire and motivate young minds by showing them what’s possible

+ Working together to guide and support our young people

Education re-imagined for work + life

+ Curriculum contextualised for industry careers

+ Practical learning activities build life skills and prepare young people for the world of work

+ Valuable and practical career support and advice

+ Employability metrics provide measurable habit assessments for young people

Innovative models + delivery

+ Our program isn’t run as a ‘tack-on’ or second stream. We exist purely for those wanting to pursue a career in industry

+ Learn in the classroom, in specialised purpose-built training facilities at TAFE Queensland and within workplaces

+ More hours of work experience provide AITC young people with a competitive advantage

Outstanding education + employability outcomes

+ Start at school: get qualified, get the job

+ Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE): improves employability and keeps future doors open

+ Consistently strong outcomes for young people

+ We’re one of the only schools in Queensland – and Australia – solely focused on graduating driven young people with a QCE and full time employment

Quality people

+ Real people, real relationships: young people and staff interact on a first-name basis

+ We’re a team of industry educators with a different style

+ We challenge the status quo and champion change in education

+ Our people believe in the power and value of creating a link between industry and education

Industry partnerships + reputation

+ Strategic partnerships connect young people with greater opportunities in industry

+ Industry know-how: our Industry Consultants bring diverse expertise and lived experience in industry

+ Dedicated team to build relationships with – and understand the needs of – employers and more broadly, industry, locally and nationally