• Are there fees?

    Yes, the AITC is an Independent Senior School and as such there are Tuition Fees payable.

    The Gold Coast College Fees for 2019 are $7,020.00

    Gold Coast Fee Schedule

    The Redlands College Fees for 2019 are $6,540.00

    Redlands Fee Schedule

    The Sunshine Coast Fees for 2019 are $5,710.00

    Sunshine Coast Fee Schedule

    The Toowoomba College Fees for 2019 mid year intake are $2,950.00

    Toowoomba Fee Schedule

    The Ipswich College Fees for 2020 are $5,700.00

    Ipswich Fee Schedule

    These fees do not include uniform costs or tools.

    Fees are payable via several options; to discuss the options available, please call the AITC Finance Department on 5635 0400 or email your query to fees@aitc.qld.edu.au

Please Note: All tuition fees and charges are subject to annual review. Parents are advised to factor in yearly increases in fees.  AITC  together with the Board of Directors set fees on an annual basis and the Board reserves the right to change these at any time if necessary.


  • What if fees are beyond family budget?

    Tuition fees are a significant part of funding the opportunities provided by the College. Subsequently, fees cannot be waived. However there are a number of alternative options that families can access to support their young people at the College.

    • Bursaries are made available by some industries to partially cover selected student’s fees in return for guarantees that the young person will sign up with that industry.
    • Once signed up into an Apprenticeship and earning, many young people contribute towards the payment of the school fees to assist the family.


  • What other costs are involved?

    Apart from the College tuition fees, there is:

    • an Application fee of $99
    • an Enrolment fee of $470
    • a uniform requirement for College and for work placement/trade block. Some industries may require personal protection equipment which the young people will be expected to wear on a work site