• Are there fees?

    Fee philosophy and breakdown

    The Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) annual fees are reviewed and set each year by the AITC Board.

    The AITC is an independent senior school with a trade focus. As an independent school, the AITC charge tuition fees to provide a high-quality experience for every Young Person at the College. The AITC receives 60% of our revenue through Commonwealth and State Government grants. The remaining 40% comes from tuition fees.

    AITC tuition fees ensure all AITC Young People are provided a high-quality educational program where they complete their senior education and start their School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships. The AITC aims to charge fees that are moderate compared to other schools in the local area.

    The AITC program is built based on what industry employers are looking for in apprentices and trainees. For families seeking Industry outcomes, the AITC model is worth investing in.

    New campuses are partially subsidised for the first four years in operation, and parents and guardians may see an increase in fees as a campus grows. As a Campus becomes more mature, increasing options will be available for Young People.

    The AITC tuition fees are all-inclusive with discounts available for siblings of current students and upfront payment. The College also offers a number of payment options in recognition of families in differing circumstances.

    Annual fees for 2020

    • Gold Coast Campus: $7,250
    • Redlands Campus: $6,900
    • Sunshine Coast Campus: $6,500
    • Toowoomba Campus: $6,100
    • Ipswich Campus: $5,700

    View Fee Structure


  • What if fees are beyond the family budget?

    Tuition fees are a significant part of funding the opportunities provided by the College. Subsequently, fees cannot be waived. However there are a number of alternative options that families can access to support their young people at the College.

    • Bursaries are made available by some industries to partially cover selected student's fees in return for guarantees that the young person will sign up with that industry.
    • Once signed up into an Apprenticeship and earning, many young people contribute towards the payment of the school fees to assist the family.

  • How can we prepare for Enrolment?

    The best outcomes come from keen young people and can be seen in those young people who:

    • Have references with acceptable comments
    • Have already sought out industry experience in their chosen trade
    • Enjoy meeting challenges & overcoming difficulties
    • Can read and write to an acceptable level to study senior courses

  • Can my student join the College in Year 12?

    Students may enrol in Year 12, however there are limited places available and additional requirements will be requested to process the application.

  • Is it only for school-aged students?

    • The College presently enrolls students between the ages of 14 through to 18 years old. The College is however a senior school (Years 10, 11 and 12) and most of the student cohort are between the ages of 15 and 17.
    • The College is definitely different to a conventional school and students do tend to mature more quickly when faced with extensive times in industry. Parents will need to decide for themselves whether this program suits their family’s objectives for their young person.

  • What are the priorities for selecting students into the Australian Industry Trade College?

    • A desire to complete Year 12 and commence an apprenticeship
    • An understanding of the trade which they wish to pursue (research on the internet will achieve this)
    • Work experience in the industry of their choice is a significant contributor to the selection process e.g. electrical work experience for an electrical apprenticeship
    • A student who comes to the College with a school-based apprenticeship organised, will be fast-tracked into the College as long as they meet all of the other selection criteria and the ability and desire to complete Year 12 studies at a QCE level
    • Character issues as highlighted by references will also be a significant contributor in the selection process

  • What trades are available?

    • Your young person can train in any nationally recognised trade course that is offered in the A-Z of Apprenticeship and Traineeship Areas brochure.
    • A copy of this brochure will be provided at the information sessions.

    Click here to see a list of Apprenticeships
    Click here to see a list of Traineeships

  • Why is doing a trade different at AITC than other institutions?

    There are vast differences at the AITC from a traditional school:

    • Pre-Apprenticeship Training at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) such as TAFE Queensland
    • Facilitated work experience placement for up to 4 - 7 week blocks
    • Employment Consultants support the young people during industry placement and work with employers to achieve apprenticeship sign-ups
    • Students can complete up to 30% of their theory training while at school
    • Over 92% of all students on graduation at the end of Yr 12 are converted into full-time apprenticeships.

  • Can I speak to the Employment Consultant for my son/daughter?

    Yes, you can call them directly on their mobiles or contact the College

  • My son/daughter doesn’t tell me much about their apprenticeship; where can I get more information?

    The Employment and Recruitment Team are available to speak to parents who require further information about work experience / apprenticeships and general industry enquiries. Contact us for queries.

  • What trades/courses do you teach?

    The goal of the College is to give young people The Best of Both Worlds, that is: the completion of their senior education while they commence their apprenticeship with significant work experience.

    Your young person can train in any nationally recognised trade course that is offered in the A - Z of Apprenticeship and Traineeship Areas brochure.

    Click here for a list of Apprenticeships
    Click here for a list of Traineeships

    The trade training component is delivered by Registered Training Organisations such as TAFE Queensland.

  • Can I still do my sport and does the College have a sports program?


    Because of the nature of the College program, young people need to remember that if their event falls when they are required at work, their participation is dependent upon their employer’s approval.

    The College transitions young people into the workplace, where sports are a hobby outside work hours. However, there is a health and fitness program which is aligned to the adult world. There is a strength and fitness program on site and young people attend sessions run by a personal trainer during the course of the time at College.

  • Can I speak to the teacher of my son/daughter?

    Yes, please call the College and ask for Education Reception.

    In many cases, our team leaders (teachers) are in class and unable to take phone calls, so you may be asked to leave a message with reception and staff will return your call when they are free.

    Parents are given the email contact details of all team leaders and are encouraged to use email contact when appropriate.

  • My son/daughter is sick, who do I need to inform?

    For all absences please contact your campus on;

    Gold Coast: 5635 0466

    Ipswich: 3050 4800

    Redlands: 3086 0500

    Sunshine Coast: 5357 8600

    Toowoomba: 4592 8700

    If there is a planned medical absence, please speak with the Education Administrator at your relevant campus to discuss options.

  • When am I due back at College?

    Follow the links to view the College Calendar to obtain all dates relevant to your studies:

    Gold Coast Campus

    Redlands Campus

    Sunshine Coast Campus

    Toowoomba Campus

    If you are still unsure, please contact the College and they will confirm your College dates.

  • I’m concerned that my son/daughter is behind on their College work; who can I speak to?

    Young people are encouraged to assume responsibility for their progress at school and work but we committed to resolving any concerns as a team with parents/guardians. If you have any concerns or require any more information about how your young person is going with the College block, please contact the College and ask for Education Reception. The receptionist will take details and forward them to the appropriate person to best address your concerns.

  • Is there a pupil free day coming up?

    The Australian Industry Trade College does not have Pupil / Team Member free days as allocated to students in Education Queensland schools. Therefore students must adhere to their timetable.

  • My son/daughter is interested in starting a trade; can you send me some information?

    We provide all the information on enrolling at the College and starting a trade at our monthly information sessions.

    Please register to attend our next information session

  • Are there Government incentives available for employers who take on School-based apprentices?

    Yes, for eligible employers.

    Please refer to www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au/Info_Emps/Incentives.asp for further information or contact the College Employment Consultants.

  • Do I (the employer) have to take out insurance cover and/or pay the students when they are at work?

    AITC students in your workplace will fit in one of two categories:

    1. Work Experience – covered by the AITC Insurance Policy and therefore are not permitted to be paid for work.
    2. Apprentices/Trainees – covered by Employer Work Cover Insurance and are entitled to the pay and conditions outlined in the relevant Award.

    If you are unsure, please contact the College Employment Team.

  • I have a young person at work and I want to sign them up as an apprentice/trainee, what should I do?

    This is great news! Please contact the College Employment Consultants who will take care of this process for you.

    We will organise for the sign up to take place at a convenient time and location for you and get the right people in the room

  • Can I “try before I buy” an apprentice from the AITC?

    The College Employment Consultants will work with you to find the best suited young person to your workplace – at no cost to you!

    Through the Work Experience Program, employers can try a number of suitable candidates under workplace conditions to identify their preferred person. Students whilst trialling under the Work Experience Program are covered by the AITC Insurance Policy.

  • What is the uniform?

    Uniform wearing is about presentation and preparation for work expectations. For the College uniform, most young people purchase 2 shorts, 2 shirts and a jersey to start the year.  When on work placement a trade uniform is required which may also include Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as steel capped boots and eye protection depending on the industry. Hair should be neat and clean and hats are removed when inside.

    Uniforms are supplied by two suppliers:

    • Redlands: Totally Work Wear
    • Sunshine Coast: Totally Work Wear
    • Gold Coast: Totally Work Wear and  National Work Wear
    • Toowoomba: Totally Work Wear and Workwear Discounts

  • What time does College start and finish?

    Start time for College is 8.10am arrival for an 8.15am start. College generally finishes at 3pm on Monday and Friday, allowing young people to make personal appointments outside College as needed. Notice will be given to the young people should this not be the case from time to time. College finishes at 4pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. As in a work site, young people may be dismissed earlier than 4pm if all required work in the last timetabled subject is up-to-date. Finishing before 4pm is a ‘bonus’ and should not be an expectation.

  • Are there school holidays?

    We do not use the term ‘school holidays’ but refer to approved absence from work or College blocks as ‘leave’. The College will transition young people so they become used to annual leave of between 4-6 weeks, at the employer’s discretion. Please refer to your relevant campus calendar for the leave dates or contact your campus directly for further information.


  • Do the young people go on excursions?

    Yes. The College’s education program includes some scheduled “offsite engagement activities” that help engage young people in learning and connect academic study to real life and work contexts.

    Should a young person be unable to attend an excursion, they must call the College and leave a message on the 24 hour answering service before the day starts. The College block requires 20 days of learning followed by up to 5 additional days as required.  Unexplained absences will have to be made up.

  • What subjects do you teach?

    All young people at the AITC study QCAA (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) English and Mathematics subjects, as well as certificates in Information Technology and Business. In 1st Year young people also study a Certificate I in Work and Life Skills. In addition, all young people participate in the College’s personal development program with a focus on developing a range of knowledge and skills related to employability.

    The College program is centred on the components of the Senior curriculum that are most relevant to young apprentices and trainees. There are no elective lines; all curriculum delivered is core.

  • Is there an Induction?

    All young people who are new to the College, regardless of which year they are entering, are required for approximately one week prior to the commencement of the academic program. This induction week has a number of components and prepares young people for the College’s academic and work programs.

  • What assistance can you give to young people with learning difficulties?

    The College has educators who are experienced and qualified in learning support. Young people are supported in a range of ways, including assistant team leader assistance in some classes, depending on the nature of their learning needs and the requirements of outside bodies (such as QCAA).

    Should you wish to receive more information regarding learning support please contact the College.

  • What other costs are involved?

    Apart from the College tuition fees, there is:

    • an Application fee of $99
    • an Enrolment fee of $470
    • a uniform requirement for College and for work placement/trade block. Some industries may require personal protection equipment which the young people will be expected to wear on a work site