• Are there fees?

    Yes, the AITC is an Independent Senior School, and as such there are tuition fees payable. Please click here to view the fee structure for all campuses which also provides flexible payment options, discounts, inclusions and exclusions.


  • Can my child join the College in Year 12?

    Students may enrol in Year 12, however, there are limited places available and additional requirements will be requested to process the application.

  • What are the priorities for selecting students into the Australian Industry Trade College?

    • A desire to complete Year 12 and commence an apprenticeship
    • An understanding of the trade which they wish to pursue (research on the internet will achieve this)
    • Work experience in the industry of their choice is a significant contributor to the selection process e.g. electrical work experience for an electrical apprenticeship
    • A student who comes to the College with a school-based apprenticeship organised, will be fast-tracked into the College as long as they meet all of the other selection criteria and the ability and desire to complete Year 12 studies at a QCE level
    • Character issues as highlighted by references will also be a significant contributor in the selection process

  • What trades are available?

    • Your young person can train in any nationally recognised trade course that is offered in the A-Z of Apprenticeship and Traineeship Areas brochure.
    • A copy of this brochure will be provided at the information sessions.

    Click here to see a list of Apprenticeships
    Click here to see a list of Traineeships

  • Can I speak to the Industry Team?

    Yes. Your young person will have dedicated Industry Consultants who will guide them through the Industry program at the College. Industry Consultants are available to all parents and guardians to speak to throughout the semester. If you have specific questions or would like an update on your young person’s progress, please call the College.

  • What courses do you teach?

    The AITC does not deliver trade vocational training (e.g. Certificates in trade areas) on site, and therefore do not offer ‘courses’. The College partners with TAFE and employers in industry, who will provide young people with the opportunity to complete courses and Certificates.

  • Can I speak to my young person’s teachers?

    Yes. We welcome communication from families if they have a specific question or would like an update on their young person’s progress. You can also expect calls from the teaching staff to provide you with updates, and reports are provided through the Parent Lounge portal.

  • Is there a school uniform?

    Yes. All young people are expected to wear their College uniform during their education block. Please click here to view the Uniform Requirements.

  • What time does College start and finish?

    College starts at 8:20am every day, and finishes at 2:50pm Monday and Friday. College finishes at 3:30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as young people have tutorials.


  • What subjects are in your Education program?

    All young people at the AITC study QCAA (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) English and Mathematics subjects, as well as certificates in Science in Year 10, and Information Technology and Business in Years 11 and 12. Additionally, all young people will participate in the College’s personal development program, with a focus on developing a range of knowledge and skills related to employability and wellbeing. The College curriculum is centred on the components of the Queensland senior curriculum that are most relevant to young apprentices and trainees. At the AITC there are no electives, all curriculum delivered is core and upon completion, provides the required credits for our young people to achieve the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

  • Do you have support for students with learning difficulties?

    If you have identified a learning difficulty in your application, this will be assessed by our Support, Wellbeing and Development team. You will be advised whether we can appropriately support your child’s learning.

  • Are there other costs involved?

    Apart from the College tuition fees:

    • A non-refundable application fee of $99 is payable with the submission of an application,
    • A non-refundable admission fee of $470 is payable upon accepting an offer of enrolment, and
    • Uniforms are required to be purchased for College and for work placements and apprenticeships. Some industries also require personal protection equipment which the young people will be expected to wear on a work site. Please click here to view the uniform requirements for College and for the most popular trades.

  • Is there Government help with fees?

    Unfortunately there is no Government subsidy or help with fees.

  • Do I have to pay the entire year’s fees upfront?

    No. We offer flexible payment options, including regular instalments, for families. If you are in a position to pay the fees upfront, a discount applies. Please click here to view the fee structure for all campuses which also provides discounts, inclusions and exclusions.

  • Will my child have to leave their current school to attend the AITC?

    Yes. The AITC is a senior school, so all students must enrol to become a full-time student.

  • How can I apply to the AITC?

    Please click here to go to the online application form. Please note the form will take approximately 30 minutes to fill in and you will require the following:

    • Copy of your child's birth certificate
    • Copies of the last 3 semester academic reports for your child
    • Current medical reports i.e. allergies, asthma, diabetes
    • Information relating to any relevant management plans for your child
    • Visa documentation (if applicable)
    • Your child's Unique Student Identifier (USI)
    • Your child’s Learner Unique Identifier (LUI) if applicable

    Your child will then be invited to attend a Selection Day to assess their suitability to our curriculum.

  • Does everyone who applies get offered an enrolment place?

    No. We conduct Selection Days to assess each student’s suitability for the AITC program. We want to see all of our young people succeed both in education and in industry, which is why we run Selection Days before accepting new students. The outcome of Selection Day will indicate whether your child will be eligible to continue their enrolment, and will be discussed with you confidentially.

  • Are the Selection Day activities physically demanding?

    No, however all students will be asked to push themselves. The activities are not based on strength and fitness, nor are they a competition. We are looking at individual effort, whatever that may mean for each student. The activities are designed to assess:

    • How each student can work with people they do not know,
    • How they follow instructions,
    • Their problem solving skills, and
    • Their resilience.

  • How long after Selection Day will I find out if my child has been offered a place at the College?

    After Selection Day is completed, the next step in the application process is an interview with a member of the campus Leadership Team. Please contact your local campus to confirm when the next round of interviews are scheduled.

  • My child is in Year 11, is it too late to apply?

    No. We have several intakes throughout the three year program. Students can enter the program at the commencement of the first semester (January) in Years 10, 11, or 12, or at the commencement of the second semester (July) in Years 10 and 11.

  • What if my child doesn’t know what trade they want to do?

    It’s very common for a young person not to know exactly which trade they wish to pursue. Your child can train in any nationally recognised trade course, of which there are hundreds. We advise that new starters take some time to consider the industries they would like to try, so our Industry Consultants can help them narrow their search. Encourage your child to do some initial research on the options available to them.

    Click here to see a list of QLD Apprenticeships

    Click here to see a list of QLD Traineeships

  • Can my child change their trade choice once enrolled?

    Yes. AITC young people can try a range of industry areas if their original choice turns out to be unsuitable for them or not what they expected; however, we prefer to see our young people decide on their area of interest by the end of the first Semester in Year 11.

  • When do the students commence their trade training?

    Students complete some pre-employment training at TAFE in Year 11 to provide them with some basic skills and safety training before commencing on a work site. Once a young person has been signed into their apprenticeship, the employer will elect the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) they would like to have their apprentice attend to gain their trade training. This could be TAFE or any number of other RTOs, and will commence during the first year of their apprenticeship. Young people will attend this training during their industry blocks.

  • My child has already commenced a Certificate I or II through the TAFE in Schools program, can they continue this certificate if they enrol with you?

    Your child will most likely be able to complete their Certificate at the AITC. Our Industry Team can provide you with more detailed information regarding this transition. Please call the College for further details.

  • Who finds the work experience placements for students?

    Our Industry Team assist young people in finding their initial work experience placement when they first join the College, however it is expected that young people become capable of managing this themselves.  Our Industry Team will provide support and guidance on how to do this until young people can confidently speak to an employer and request a work placement.

  • Do students get paid for work experience?

    Young people do not get paid for work experience. Work experience is designed to provide unskilled young people the opportunity to gain confidence and an understanding of the trade. Once a young person is signed up as an apprentice, they will be paid for their time.

  • Does the College provide transport to work experience?

    No, young people must arrange their own transport to the workplace. This is designed to prepare young people for their apprenticeships and full time work.

  • Can my young person leave the College once they are signed into their apprenticeship?

    The AITC requires one full term’s notice sent in written form to the principal to withdraw. If a full term’s notice is not given, fees will be charged in lieu. Where a student is withdrawn from the AITC to commence a full-time apprenticeship, a penalty fee of $1 000 will also be charged. Our program is designed for young people to complete at the end of Year 12, with a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and a full-time apprenticeship. Withdrawing from the program early will result in your young person missing out on completing their QCE.

  • Can I enrol my child if they are only interested in gaining an apprenticeship, not a QCE?

    The AITC curriculum is designed to support young people in gaining both full time employment and a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). If your child’s only priority is to get employment, the AITC may not be for them.

  • What do the young people wear while they are in industry?

    This will be dependent on their industry. In addition to their uniform requirement, young people may also need personal protection equipment (PPE). Please click here to view the uniform requirements for several popular trades. Young people can speak to their Industry Consultant if they are unsure or have questions about the appropriate uniform.

  • Do you have a stationery list I will need to purchase?

    No. We provide all books, stationery and textbooks. Young people will only need to bring their laptop and a stocked pencil case and ruler.

  • Are young people required to have a computer?

    Yes. An appropriate device is required every day whilst at College. Please click here to view the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requirements, or make an appointment to bring your device to the College for our IT staff to review its suitability.

  • Is there homework and assignments?

    Homework is rarely set, as the curriculum is designed to be completed while in College. Similarly, all assignments are completed during College hours. No College work is required to be completed while young people are in their industry block. We believe the focus should be on the job at hand, so young people are encouraged to concentrate on school work while in their education block, and on their work while in their industry block.

  • Do you have the same school holidays as other schools?

    No. Our calendar is designed around our education and industry block rotation, and may not coincide with the Education Queensland calendar. Year 10s will receive the usual holidays between 10 week terms, however Year 11 and Year 12 holidays are determined by their employer, or by requesting leave from the College, as they would have to if working full time. The education block requires 20 days of learning, followed by up to five additional days if required. All absences must be accounted for and will need to be made up in the fifth week. If no make-up time is required and the young person has completed all modules, the fifth week may be a leave week.

  • Can international students enrol at the AITC?

    We are not registered to accept international students, other than young people from New Zealand.