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Our Industry Education Program

The Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) provides a two to three-year program for young people in Years 10 to 12 that focusses on developing character and values, academic and enterprise skills, employability skills and industry readiness. The AITC program is designed to progressively develop employability skills and achieve individualised learning goals, whilst also meeting the requirements of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). The College aims to seamlessly blend senior education and vocational training to engage young people in purposeful learning experiences with real world industry relevance.

The AITC program broadly has four components:
  1. Rookies Program
  2. Education Block
  3. Industry Block
  4. Sign-up

Rookies Program

The Rookies Program is undertaken by all new starters at the College, whether they are commencing in year 10 or Year 11. The aim of the program is to instil the AITC values in Rookies and provide the basic training and preparation necessary to safely enter industry placements.

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Education Block

Education Block comprises 5 weeks on campus each term. The AITC prides itself on offering students industry education aligned with the Australian Curriculum (ACARA). The education program has been developed to support the functional education and skills that AITC young people will require to succeed in the workplace.

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Industry Block

Each term, young people spend five to seven weeks engaged in a range of work-based experiences that enhance their industry learning. They participate in work experience (WEX), general industry training with TAFE Queensland and possibly industry-specific training with TAFE or other registered training organisations (RTO).

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Along with Graduation, a young person’s sign-up is one of the two defining achievements of their journey while at the AITC. Once signed up, the young person will work with (and be paid by) their employer as an apprentice or trainee during Industry Block. Upon graduation, the young person transitions from a school-based apprentice or trainee (SAT) to a full-time role with their employer.

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FAQs about our Industry Education program

When can you start at the AITC?

Young people can commence at the College in January or July in Year 10 or 11. To gain the most out of the AITC experience, it is recommended that families contact the College early in the year prior to Year 10.

Does the College recognise prior learning (RPL)?

If a young person has already achieved some qualifications (or parts thereof), the AITC may grant credit transfers for those achievements, providing we have access to original documentation from the Registered Training Organisation where training took place in previous year(s). In this case, VET trainers will develop individual learning plans. Full details of each course are available via the hyperlinked course names listed above.

What are the College’s technology requirements?

The AITC is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) College, requiring young people to bring a computing device (laptop or a notebook) to school for their personal use.

Our requirement is for each young person to bring their own device. The device must meet minimum specifications related to screen size, keyboard, WIFI access, battery life and memory.

Please click here to see the College specifications for BYOD.