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+ Why are we learning from home?

Following the Queensland Premier’s announcement that lockdown has been extended to 4pm, Sunday 8 August, the AITC will run a Learning From Home program for the Gold Coast, Redlands, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich campuses from Tuesday, 3 August to Friday, 6 August. Young people can access all learning content via Schoology.

+ Do I have to stay at home? Can I come to the campus?

The Toowoomba campus is open as normal. The Gold Coast, Redlands, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich campuses are open to the young people of essential workers only. If you need to attend campus, please note:

  • whether on campus or at home, all learning will be delivered via Schoology under remote conditions (campus supervision will not be a normal classroom environment)
  • young people attending campus must always wear a face mask
  • all staff and young people on campus must practice social distancing to maintain the safety and wellbeing of everyone on site.

If you have no internet at home, it is recommended that you come to the campus to complete your program. AITC campuses will be open and available for learning. The programs are cloud-based, so internet is a necessity.

+ How is the Learning From Home (LFH) program different to what we have always done?

The AITC’s Education Block and Industry Block model will continue. Group 1 and Group 2 will remain for this reason. 

The program isn’t that different from what you are used to. The course content for both Education and Industry is the same; however, the delivery method is different. The biggest change to your program is that you will not be on campus completing your program in scheduled classes with face-to-face contact from campus staff.

Education Block
  • If they haven’t already, Team Leaders will provide written updates for young people to continue learning from 1pm to 3pm today in Schoology. 
  • Young people in Education Block will continue as per their ‘normal’ timetable this week. 
  • Roll call will take place 3 times per day via Schoology conference, at 8.30am, 11.00am and 1.00pm. 
  • Attendance at these rolls calls are mandatory and a record of attendance will be taken. If a young person is absent from these calls, they will be contacted by College staff and marked absent in our system. 
  • During roll call, Team Leaders will provide instruction, answer questions and undertake general wellbeing check-ins with young people. 
  • Our Assistant Team Leaders will be contacting young people who require additional learning support to provide alternative solutions, clarity and support. 

The AITC recognises that there is no substitute for face-to-face classroom and practical out-at-industry learning; however, the outstanding outcomes achieved last year – both academically and with industry sign-ups – is confirmation of the success of the AITC Learning From Home program. 

To the extent practicable, young people will be engaged with staff in virtual classroom learning experiences and will participate in learning that is relevant to industry and employability.

Industry Block and Rookies Program
  • Young people will have access to their Industry or Rookies course in Schoology from 10.00am Tuesday, 3 August. This will be student-led learning (at a pace to suit them). 
  • Industry Consultants will make contact with young people over the course of this week to provide clarity, support and a general check-in. 
  • Young people will be required to undertake risk assessments before commencing any practical activities at home. This is a great opportunity for parents/guardians to have a safety conversation with their young person. 
  • The safety of our young people and our Industry Consultants (conducting workplace risk assessments) is paramount. Heeding the advice of Queensland Health for as many people to stay at home as possible, work experience and work placement will not take place during lockdown, regardless of essential work classification. School-based apprentices and trainees who are classified as essential workers should liaise directly with their employer and Industry Consultant. 

+ What do I need to do to prepare for my daily meetings and learning?

  •  Young people are to wear their AITC Uniform Shirt. Appearance should show Pride.
  • Young people must have their cameras on, when required, as a sign of Respect. 
  • Young people should have their microphones on mute unless instructed otherwise when entering Schoology conference calls. Do not have music playing in the background.
  • All learning whether on campus or online will be conducted through Schoology. We must protect the Safety of our community. 
  • AITC staff will maintain a constant presence (8.30am to 3.20pm) and be accessible to young people via Schoology, however we expect young people to self-direct and undertake the required daily learning. Display your Hardwork. 
  • Young people who do not complete their learning during lockdown will not be signed off for Industry Block, until completed. We ask young people to reach out and show Courage if requiring extra support.
  • Young people should check their AITC email daily for important information and announcements. 

+ What do I need to have at home to be able to learn from home?

You will need a computer, an internet connection, a notebook, pens, a desk, good lighting, adequate ventilation and a positive attitude.

At times, you may also be required to use your mobile phone to take pictures to upload for specific task submissions. You also may like to use headphones to watch videos and participate in conferences when required. Although all material is available online, you may wish to print individual task sheets; therefore a printer may be required. This is not mandatory equipment.

To learn from home, you need the following:

  • a reliable internet connection
  • a reliable laptop or desktop computer
  • logins to Schoology, BKSB and your MS Office account
  • notebook, pens and other materials as advised by campus staff
  • a suitable place to work without risk of injury

+ What do I do if I’m sick for the day?

Ring the Campus Absentee line and leave your details and reason for absence. Remember that your Learning From Home Tutor will mark the roll each morning during a live conference so if you’re not there, you’ll be marked as absent and your Parent/Guardian will be contacted.

+ Who are my teachers?

The majority of the Education Team Leaders will remain the same for your subjects; however, any Team Leader from the faculty may answer questions you post into Schoology. All Team Leaders are working together to ensure the continuation of your learning.

+ Who is my Industry Consultant?

Your IC will remain the same. If unsure, please check with your Learning From Home Tutor.

+ Do I still have to do Wisdom site meetings and Strength and Fitness even if I’m learning from home?

Yes, you will be participating in Campus Meetings through the Learning From Home – AITC Schoology course. Strength and Fitness tutorials have also been included for you to watch and complete while you’re at home.

+ Do I still go to TAFE?

TAFE is running its pre-employment training online via TAFE CONNECT: https://connect.tafeqld.edu.au/d2l/login

Please speak with your AITC campus or IC for confirmation or clarity regarding TAFE qualifications and units that will be delivered online. More information can be found in the AITC Learning From Home Handbook or by speaking with your Campus directly.

+ How do I submit assignments for my Education subjects?

Your Education Team Leaders will setup online submissions for you in your subject Schoology courses, and communicate with you around how to do this. You will be given direct information on completing checkpoints and final submission.

+ How do tutorials in the timetable work?

Your teachers will make themselves available during tutorial times to speak to you or assist you with specific aspects of the Education and Industry program. You can request a tutorial either directly by email or by the Request for Support function on Schoology. Your Team Leader or IC will then advise

+ If I’m having IT issues when I’m learning from home, what do I do?

Send an email to support@aitc.qld.edu.au and our IT Support team will get back to you within 24 hours. For learning platform logins, please speak with your campus directly.

+ I’m signed up. Can I continue with my SAT?

If your young person is classified as an essential worker they may continue working in their SAT’s during Industry block, so long as their employer is still operating and comfortable with them continuing.  AITC Industry Consultants are making regular contact with all SAT employers to keep up to date.

+ What happens to my work experience?

In line with the government’s request for young people to learn from home, there will be no work experience during this period. We understand your disappointment but the safety of all young people and our staff is always our first thought.

+ If I submit a Request for Support from a Team Leader, IC, PIC or Campus Manager, how long do I have to wait before I hear back from someone at the campus?

You will get a response to your enquiry within 24 hours.

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