We understand that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is on your minds as it permeates the news and daily conversations. The safety and wellbeing of our entire community continue to be our first priority in the wake of the ever-evolving situation around COVID-19. We encourage you to read the latest school communications for more details and to check this page regularly.


Term 2 will commence Monday 20 April, 2020.

This week, we are finalising preparations to deliver a comprehensive Learning From Home program. The College is aware that access to technology in each household will vary. Please complete the questionnaire by Friday 3 April to evaluate your capacity to conduct learning at home.

Complete your Learning from Home Readiness Questionnaire here

We understand that an alternative delivery of learning would present a complex set of challenges for families and staff alike. Please be kind and respectful as we learn together during these extraordinary times. The AITC will continue to work with families for the benefit of our young people.

Finally, if you are experiencing financial difficulty due to COVID-19 circumstances, please call us – we want to help you navigate through these difficult times and continue to support your young person on their learning journey.

Read in full the latest communications from the Australian Industry Trade College below and view our FAQs at the bottom of this page.


If you (or a member of your household) have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please phone your campus absentee line within 24 hours of diagnosis (even during school break).
Gold Coast Absentee Line: 07 5635 0466
Redlands Absentee Line: 07 3086 0566
Sunshine Coast Absentee Line: 07 5357 8699
Toowoomba Absentee Line: 07 4592 8766
Ipswich Absentee Line: 07 3050 4866

College Communications & Updates

The College will communicate with parents twice a week at the very minimum to ensure our community remains informed. This dedicated web page will be updated regularly – please check back often for current news and instructions.

  • Considerations for Employers – 1 April 2020
    • Retain your apprentice
    • Australian Government Stimulus Package
    • Support for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Letter to Parents – 27 March 2020
    • Learning from Home Technology Readiness
  • Letter to Parents – 26 March 2020
    • Learning from Home Readiness Questionnaire
  • Letter to Parents – 25 March 2020
    • Impact of COVID-19 on our community
    • Who to contact if facing financial difficulty
    • Payment plans
  • Letter to Parents – 23 March 2020
    • Finalising Term 1
    • Voluntary self-isolation process
    • Term 2 learning from home preparations
  • FAQs for Parents – 20 March 2020
    • Attendance
    • Learning from home preparations
    • Support and wellbeing
  • Subsidy for Employers – 20 March 2020
    • Australian Government Stimulus Package
    • Subsidy for apprentices
    • Available from early-April
  • Letter to Parents – 18 March 2020
    • AITC remains open
    • Continuation of industry-based learning
    • Preparation and prevention
  • Letter to Employers – 18 March 2020
    • Continuation of industry-based learning
    • Support from AITC community
    • Preventative measures
  • Letter to Parents – 5 March 2020
    • Travel restrictions update
  • Letter to Parents – 30 January 2020
    • Travel restrictions
  • Letter to Parents – 28 January 2020
    • Coronavirus update
    • Queensland Health fact sheet

Term Dates

For Young People

Term 1 | 28 January to 27 March 2020
Term 2 | 20 April to 26 June 2020

For Staff

Term 1 | 28 January to 3 April 2020
Term 2 | 20 April to 26 June 2020

Note these dates are subject to change.

Health and Wellbeing


+ Should my young person attend school and/or work?

Campuses remain open and learning continues at the Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) campuses. Organised work experience and school-based apprenticeships or traineeships should continue with employers, providing young people do not show any symptoms of COVID-19. Should employers advise a young person to stay at home, your young person should contact their Industry Consultant. 

+ What should I do if my young person is meant to attend TAFE?

Young people undertaking a TAFE program may need to follow TAFE directive, whereby learning may continue beyond the AITC end of term date, Friday 27 March. Should you have any questions about your young person’s TAFE program, please contact your campus principal.

+ What if my young person’s work experience is cancelled by the employer?

Like schools, industry is also facing unprecedented times. Employers are supportive of and committed to educating tomorrow’s industry leaders however, should work experience be cancelled by an employer, your young person should contact their Industry Consultant for further instruction. The AITC is contacting all current employers to keep them updated on the evolving situation.

+ What if I (or a member of my household) have been diagnosed with COVID-19?

While a situation like this will trigger a number of other actions by Queensland Health and other authorities, it is imperative that you inform the College as soon as possible. To inform the AITC of a confirmed case, or contact with a positive diagnosis, please phone your campus absentee line within 24 hours of diagnosis. You will be required to put this in writing also, and provide a copy of a medical certificate to confirm this.

  • Gold Coast Absentee Line 07 5635 0466
  • Redlands Absentee Line 07 3086 0566
  • Sunshine Coast Absentee Line 07 5357 8699
  • Toowoomba Absentee Line 07 4592 8766
  • Ipswich Absentee Line 07 3050 4866

+ What if I choose to self-isolate my young person?

Should you voluntarily choose to self-isolate your young person, the College must have this in writing from the parent/guardian (not your young person) for duty of care and absence reporting purposes.

+ What if I am required to self-isolate as I have travelled overseas or had contact with a confirmed case?

We encourage you to seek medical advice and phone your campus absentee line to inform the College.

+ What preventative measures are being taken by the College?

As a College, we are doing what we can to help keep our community safe. This includes: the cancellation of excursions, assemblies, Roof Shouts and group gatherings of more than 20 young people; limiting external presenters on campus; and staggered break times. Cleaners are disinfecting all surfaces as part of their daily clean at all campuses (including all doors and handles). The College has sourced additional hygiene supplies such as hand sanitizer and have on backorder some anti-bacterial wipes for extra attention to high touchpoint surfaces. We have also distributed best practices for appropriate hygiene and preventive measures that everyone can employ to prevent the spread of viral illness on campus.

+ What if I’m facing financial difficulty and need to cancel my young person’s enrolment?

If you are experiencing financial difficulty due to COVID-19 circumstances, please call us – we want to help you navigate through these difficult times and continue to support your young person on their learning journey. We have some facility to assist AITC families in this predicament and ask that you talk to your campus principal (even during school break) so that your young person can continue at the AITC. The College will take every reasonable action to assist our AITC community during these very trying circumstances. We will also continue to provide flexible payment plans via Parent Lounge.

+ What if the school is directed to close?

In the event of a closure, campus buildings may be shut, but learning will continue from home. Learning modules and resources will be delivered via the platforms BKSB and Schoology, and will predominantly be self-led by the young person. Learning from home resources will be aligned with the Australian Curriculum. A learning schedule and planned support will be provided by AITC staff.

+ Will my young person know how to use the platforms if required to learn from home?

Young people are familiar with the learning platforms BKSB and Schoology, which would be used for learning from home. Campuses have determined that every young person has the necessary logins should learning from home take place. If your young person doesn’t know their login for BKSB or Schoology, please ensure they contact student services or their campus principal as soon as possible.

+ How can I prepare for learning from home?

We are all taking this one day at a time. It is timely for families to consider their own family and care arrangements. Please plan for supervision of your young person should learning from home be necessary. Please use the following checklist to prepare for learning from home. Does your young person…

  • Have reliable access to WIFI (internet) at home?
  • Have a reliable laptop or desktop computer?
  • Share that device with other family members?
  • Have a suitable place for learning at home (ability to sit comfortably, without risk of injury)?
  • Know their logins to Schoology and BKSB?
  • Have the ability to access educational videos on YouTube (if links are provided by educators)?

If you are able to stream Netflix or YouTube videos at home, then your bandwidth will be more than adequate. Please email your campus and let us know if this is not your current situation at home. Please also ensure your contact details are up to date (check Parent Details in Parent Lounge).

+ Can the AITC’s systems and IT infrastructure support the increased demand for online learning?

The AITC has prepared the tools and resources necessary to support learning from home if required. We are working closely with platforms and key vendors to support the continuity of learning.

+ I am (or my young person is) feeling anxious. How can I help?

We recognise the anxiety and emotional strain that these circumstances may place on members of our community. As information about COVID-19 unfolds and response plans are implemented, there can be a wide range of thoughts, feelings and reactions. If you are an AITC staff member, please contact our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). In the Health & Wellbeing section of our dedicated page, there are resources for managing anxiety and fear. We also support and encourage self-care during these stressful times. Remember that sleep and exercise promote immune system capacity.

+ Should I travel?

Easter is a popular time of year to travel for many AITC community members. The Prime Minister has issued a travel ban to other countries. Please refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s travel warnings and reconsider any non-essential travel. Staff should inform HR of any planned travel (domestic or international).

+ I’m an employer, what help is there for me to keep on my apprentice?

The Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment has put together a fact sheet on supporting apprentices and trainees, and the subsidies available to employers. The AITC encourages employers to consider their options before cancelling an apprentice. Please contact the AITC Industry team for further information.

Helpful Resources

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