Thank you to over 30 industry representatives who attended a networking event as part of the Group 2, Year 12’s, Cert III in entrepreneurship and new business at the Gold Coast. Project 1, Term 1 is called the ‘innovative entrepreneur’. The event is essential to this part of the project as it focuses on networking, building and maintaining those relationships.

Lisa Godlee, Team Leader, says, “I’m hoping our Year 12 young people can improve on, and expand, their interpersonal, communication and networking skills. Everything we’re doing this year is to set them up for success in life when they leave school.”

Darren Smythe, Apprenticeship Field Consultant from MEGT says, “I’ve had the most fantastic experience. All the young people we’ve met throughout the afternoon all looked me in the eye, shook my hand and introduced themselves, it was great to see their confidence. That’s a great life skill because networking can be daunting.”

Tynan, Year 12 College Leader, is already signed-up as a school-based carpenter’s apprentice with The Cabinetry Co. He says “I’ve met a fair few nice people who work in different companies and it’s good to build my contacts. Networking helps me, for example — down the track if something happens, then I will have contacts I can reach out to.”

The Cert III in entrepreneurship and new business enables aspiring entrepreneurs to take the next step in thinking about what it takes to get a small business up and running. Young people explore business opportunities and will develop a business plan, complete with financial tables. They also develop skills essential to running a small business, such as customer service, finance, and marketing.

Thank you to:

  • Amber Gusti: Abalant Concreting
  • Yvonne Jones: BussQ
  • Derek Kimble: Busy at Work
  • Scott Wilson: Busy at Work
  • Brendan Dennett: Frizelles
  • Dani Gallery: GC Innovation Hub
  • Sharon Hunneybell: GC Innovation Hub
  • Jody McCauley: Gold Coast Manufacturing Hub
  • Brendon Welsh: Lauxes Products (GC)
  • Cathy Lockyer: MAS MRAEL
  • Kristel Warchola: MAS
  • Casey White: MEGT
  • Darren Smyth: MEGT
  • Jami-Lee Dear: MEGT
  • Kelli Wilson: MEGT
  • Shannon Selby: MEGT
  • Tracey Dear: MEGT
  • Dennis Beck: Past AITC Chairman
  • Glen Campbell: PHE (FIFO Electricians)
  • Charlotte Marriott: Stand Tall Australia
  • Sherrie Dunshea: Study GC
  • Caitlan Hudson: Study GC
  • Kylee Mace: TAFE
  • Kylie Hall: TAFE
  • Jeanelle Sutton-Yeomans: Griffith University
  • Adam Houlahan: Riviera
  • Keira Badke: Riviera
  • Ben Leitch: BRP
  • Rob from Telwater
  • Michael Date: Boating Industry Association
  • Glenn English: AITC
  • Divina Jenks: AITC
  • Natalie Chanter: AITC
  • Kimberley Spencer: AITC
  • Craig Hallam: AITC
  • Andrew Tonkin: AITC
  • Dee Reynolds: AITC
  • Jeremy Welsh: AITC