Please view this short video from AITC CEO, Mark Hands prior to applying to enrol at the AITC. At the end of the video we encourage you to peruse the list of FAQs which we hope will answer most of the questions you may have about the AITC.

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  • Are there fees?

    Yes, the AITC is an Independent Senior School and as such there are Tuition Fees payable.
    The Gold Coast College Fees for 2019 are $7,020.00

    Gold Coast Fee Schedule
    The Redlands College Fees for 2019 are $6,540.00

    Redlands Fee Schedule

    The Sunshine Coast Fees for 2019 are $5,710.00

    Sunshine Coast Fee Schedule

    The Toowoomba College Fees for 2019 mid year intake are $2,950.00

    Toowoomba Fee Schedule
    These fees do not include uniform costs or tools.
    Fees are payable via several options; to discuss the options available, please call the AITC Finance
    Department on 5635 0400 or email your query to

    Please Note: All tuition fees and charges are subject to annual review. Parents are advised to factor in yearly increases in fees.  AITC  together with the Board of Directors set fees on an annual basis and the Board reserves the right to change these at any time if necessary.

  • Are there other costs involved?

    Apart from the College tuition fees, there is:

    • An Application fee of $99
    • An Enrolment fee of $470
    • A uniform requirement for College and for work placement/trade block. Some industries may require personal protection equipment which the young people will be expected to wear on a work site.
    • Young people are required to have a device which meets the College requirements to complete their College work. To view the College requirements, please click on this link BYOD Information Sheet 2017

  • Is there Government help with fees?

    Unfortunately there is no Government subsidy or help with fees.

  • Do I have to leave my current school?

    Yes. The AITC is a school so you will enrol with us and become a full time student at the AITC.

  • I don’t have all of the documents required for an application. Can I still apply?

    While we do require all of the documents requested for an application, you can still submit a partial application and attend Selection Day as long as the Application for Selection Form and the Medical Details and Boot Camp Consent form is completed and signed.

    However, until all of the required documents are provided, your application cannot be progressed beyond the Selection Day stage.

  • Is Selection Day and Boot Camp physically demanding?

    Selection Day begins on campus with an online literacy and numeracy test to assess the level of learning of your young person. On completion of this test, the young person will have a short, one-on-one interview with a member of our Employment and Recruitment (E & R) Team. This is followed by a trip to Burleigh beach where the E & R Team will ask the young people to take part in a series of activities. These activities are designed to give our staff an insight into the young people:

    • Can they follow instructions?
    • Can they work with other people they don’t know?
    • Can they problem solve?

    The activities are fun and suitable for young men and women, and not designed to showcase physical strength. Most young people really enjoy the Selection Day and find it easy.

  • How long does it take before I know if my young person has been offered a place at the College?

    From Selection Day it can take up to 10 working days for the Enrolment Team to review and process the applications. You will be contacted either by phone, email or mail as soon as possible within that time frame. Some applicants may be requested to attend an interview for more information. This is quite common and does not mean that your application has been unsuccessful.

  • I’m in Year 11, is it already too late for me to apply?

    No. We have several intakes throughout the three year program. You can enter the program at the commencement of the 1st semester (January) in years 10, 11 and 12 or at the commencement of the 2nd semester (July) in years 10 and 11.

  • What if I don’t know what trade I want to do?


    No problem. Your young person can train in any nationally recognised trade course that is offered in the A-Z of Apprenticeship and Traineeship Areas. Your young person will be provided the option to Try-A-Trade during their work experience placement. It is advisable that the young person have an idea of the industry they would like to work in so that our Employment Consultants can help them narrow their search.

    Click here to see a list of Apprenticeships
    Click here to see a list of Traineeships

  • Can I change my trade once I have enrolled?

    Yes. The young people can try a range of industry areas if their original choice turns out to be unsuitable for them or not what they expected.

  • When do the young people commence their trade training?

    Once the young person has been signed into their apprenticeship, the employer will elect the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) they would like to have their apprentice attend to gain their trade training. This could be TAFE or any number of other RTOs and will commence during the first year of their apprenticeship. Young people attend this training during their trade blocks.

  • My young person has already commenced a Certificate I or II at TAFE one day a week, can he continue this certificate if he enrols with you?

    Your young person will be able to complete this Certificate at the AITC. Our Employment and Recruitment Team will provide you with more detailed information regarding this transition.

  • Do you provide transport to work experience?

    No, you will need to arrange your own transport to work places, just as you will eventually have to provide your own transport to your employment.

  • Do you find work experience placement for the young people?

    No, the young people will find their own work experience. However, our Employment and Recruitment Team will provide support and guidance with how to do this until the young person can confidently speak to an employer and ask for a placement.

  • Can my young person leave the College once they are signed into their apprenticeship?

    When you enrol at AITC you will sign an enrolment contract that provides for a term’s notice of a withdrawal from enrolment. Our program is designed for the young person to complete and graduate from Year 12 with both employment and a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). Withdrawing from the program early will not allow your young person to complete the modules required to be awarded their QCE.

  • I just want to get my young person into an apprenticeship – he’s not interested in completing his senior schooling

    Our program is designed to achieve both full time employment and a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). If your only priority is to get employment for your young person, then the AITC may not be for you.

  • Do you have support for young people with learning difficulties?

    If you have identified a learning difficulty in your application, this will be assessed by our Education and Employment and Recruitment Team and they will advise whether we can appropriately support your young person’s learning. We have an Assisted Learning Program available, however the support services are limited.

  • Do you have a stationary list I will need to purchase?

    No. We provide all books, stationary and textbooks. The young people only need to bring a pencil case with pens, pencils and a ruler each day.

  • Are the young people required to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)?

    Yes. An appropriate device is required every day whilst at College. Requirements can be viewed here or you can bring your device to the College for our IT staff to review its suitability.

  • Is there homework and assignments?

    Homework is rarely set as the curriculum is designed to be completed while the young person is in College. Similarly, all assignments are also completed during College hours. No College work is required to be completed while the young person is in their trade block. We believe the focus of the young person should be on the job at hand – concentrate on school work while in College, concentrate on their trade while in their trade block.

  • Do you have the same school holidays as other schools?

    No. Our calendar is carefully designed to provide the young people with the required time at College so they can complete all of their educational modules. The fifth week in each College block is a catch up week so if the young people has completed all of their requirements, they may have this week as a break. To view the College calendar:

    Gold Coast

  • Do you have a formal for graduating young people?

    We have an event that is better than a formal – we have an Industry Celebration Evening (ICE)! This evening celebrates the young peoples’ journeys and recognises outstanding achievements with a number of Awards presented on the night. The evening is for the graduating young people, their families, friends, AITC Board members and staff, employers and other members of the AITC community.