The AITC is a senior school (Year 10 to 12) that helps technically talented young people develop into skilled tradespeople. Here are five reasons why the AITC is the right school for anyone interested in a career in industry.

1. You get to be you

Most schools focus on university as their top priority. We unashamedly do not. Our focus is your top priority. If you are interested in the AITC, it is because you see yourself as a craftsman, a tradeswoman, a future leader of industry. Our purpose is to help you achieve those dreams. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed that you aren’t interested in spending years studying theory for an uncertain future. At the AITC, every one of our students feels the same way you do about their education and future career. All we do is provide the time, space and support you need to transform from a young person into a tradesperson.

We do this by ensuring that:

2. You receive an education tailored to industry

The AITC curriculum is specifically tailored to industry needs. Rather than learning theoretical maths and Shakespeare, you will learn things like the mathematics required to complete a construction project, the literacy needed to prepare a suitable business proposal and the business and technology skills necessary to work in, and perhaps run, a successful organisation.

We do all this in just five weeks per term, which means:

3. You get more exposure to industry

Some young people know exactly what they want to do. Others aren’t so sure, and need time to figure it out. Most schools let their ‘vocational students’ experience industry 30 to 40 days a year. The AITC sends our young people out to industry for up to 140 days a year in 5-7 week blocks. You spend more time in industry learning what you love – and what you don’t. You also spend more time with employers – one of whom is likely to end up hiring you!

How do you impress these people?

4. You learn the attributes that industry leaders seek

Most schools measure a student on literacy and numeracy, but not character. At the AITC, our employability metrics have been developed with employers, and young people are measured in their Education and Industry Block against these attributes. You will learn the importance of Respect, Pride, Courage, Honesty, Mateship, Hard Work – and above all, Safety. These are values that you already possess, but may not realise the importance of. They are the difference between a job offer and a ‘thanks, but no thanks’.

You may not be offered an apprenticeship the first time you venture out to industry, but focussing on these values will almost certainly mean that:

5. You gain employment before you graduate

50% of Australian 25-year-olds do not have full-time employment. 9 out of 10 AITC graduates are signed to an apprenticeship or traineeship before they complete Year 12. They move straight from school (and their school-based apprenticeship) into full-time employment in the career of their choice.

Are you interested in transforming from a young person into a tradesperson?

What’s next?

If these five reasons resonate with you, look for your closest campus on the map below, then register your interest so our team can start you on the path to a career in industry.

Where are we?

The AITC currently has five campuses across southeast Queensland; Gold Coast (Robina), Redlands, Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore), Toowoomba and Ipswich.

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